Chaplain’s Chat

So I’m a big of a fan of the band The National, and this week band member Aaron Dressner shared a video on social media of a demo he had made Michael Stipe from REM. It caught me a little by surprise, but it came to me on a day that I had felt particularly stretched and weary with everything – particularly my disconnect from people and places. I listened to it and it buoyed me. I think music has the ability to do that, and so I wanted to share the song here with you as well.

I know it doesn’t change the situation we find ourselves in, but music has the ability to move and heal, to encourage and enliven. I wonder what music you might have listened to that helps you get through the rough times. If you find a track that lifts your spirits (if just to get you up and dancing) I’d encourage you to find someone to share it with.

You could always do a Jack Black quarantine dance, and then share with the SPS community!

Take care,