Social Media

Scarborough Primary has two social media accounts to promote the school, communicate with our community and to celebrate all that happens at our school.
Details of the accounts are below.
Feel free to follow our journey.
Facebook – @scarboroughprimary
Instagram – scarborough_primary



The school maintains a closely monitored Facebook page that keeps us all in touch with school life. This page is a place for people interested in the happenings at Scarborough Primary School. However, we do need to have certain guidelines and protocols.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to remove any posting or other material that we find off-topic, inappropriate or objectionable.

We trust that people who like our page will understand the reasons for this. Remember that many of the children who attend Scarborough PS do view the posts and pictures on the page.

  1. We’d love you to ‘like’ and add positive comments on posts and pictures posted on our page. This encouragement and acknowledgement of wonderful things happening in our school community is valuable.
  2.  Please refrain from asking questions which are more appropriately addressed to the school administration. These can be asked during normal operating…”When will reports be sent home?” If something is a more personal concern or question and it is after hours, please send an email to the school and someone will contact you on the next business day.
  3. If you are concerned about your child’s learning or something else you see happening at our school please contact one of the school administration team for assistance. Social media is not the appropriate forum for these discussions.
  4. We would love our community to feel a sense of camaraderie and to find genuine value in what we share on our page. If you feel something does not meet these guidelines please report it to the school administration team.

We do not wish to see:

  • Profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language.
  • Trolling, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track.
  • Personal promotion of businesses etc.

Your child’s photograph will only be used if you have completed a media permission form.  Your child’s first name will only be placed on the school Facebook or Instagram feed with your specific permission for that post.  Our updated media permission form will allow you to withdraw permission at any time.