Kindergarten Enrolments – please submit applications via email, scarborough.ps@education.wa.edu.au

Applications for Enrolment in Kindergarten are now open. The closing date for applications is the first Friday of Term 3 each year.

Kindergarten enrolments are accepted from February to July each year for entry the following year.

To find out what school year your child should be in or is old enough to start Kindergarten, visit the Department of Education’s School Age Calculator.

Recent legislative changes to the Public Health Act 2016 and School Education Act 1999 state that to enrol a child in Kindergarten, parents/carers must supply an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) history statement showing a status of ‘up to date’ and dated within two months of enrolment.

To assist your planning, a summary of the legislative changes pertaining to Kindergarten enrolments is below.

What is required to enrol a Kindergarten student under the new legislation? (No Jab, No Play)

• Children will need to have an ‘up to date’ Australian Immunisation Record (AIR) history statement which is not more than two months old.
• For children with approved medical exemption to a vaccine, or with natural immunity to a specific disease; and those on an approved catch-up schedule, their Australian Immunisation Record (AIR) history statement will be marked as ‘up to date’.
• Where a child does not have an AIR which is ‘up to date’, they may apply to their school for an exemption because of particular family circumstances. Circumstances for exemption will be described in the regulations.
• Exempted children will be able to commence Kindergarten, but once enrolled, the Department of Health will follow up with these families to support them in accessing local immunisation services to bring them up to date.
• The Department of Health will provide a form for schools to use to approve these exemptions.

Pre-primary to Year 6 Enrolments

If your child is currently enrolled in years  P – 6 and you live within the schools boundary, you are not required to complete an Application for Enrolment.

Every child of Pre-primary to Year 6 age is required to attend primary school. You only need to re-enrol your child again if you move schools.

All children are guaranteed a place in their local school.

For more comprehensive information on enrolments refer to the Schools and You website


Application For Enrolment

Editable PDF Enrolment Application

Immunisation History Statement

Immunisation Support for Your Child

Student Health Care: Parent Information Brochure

Requesting Consent to Disclose Personal Information to Third Party Services

Student Digital Device User Agreement (Years 1 -3) – CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW

Student Digital Device User Aggreement (Years 4 – 6) – CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW