Our school

Scarborough Primary School


School Vision

At Scarborough Primary School we believe that to nurture children, we must provide a supportive and safe environment. Through a variety of pastoral care programs we foster resilience, confidence, persistence and respect. In promoting these attributes, we rely on an enthusiastic team of professionals who work in a positive and enthusiastic manner. We work together to support and care for all members of the school community.

To achieve this we place a strong emphasis on the value of communication and feedback. All members of the community should feel that their contributions are valued through the many opportunities that are created to recognise improvement and achievement. We endeavour to establish and maintain a high level of communication so that parents are seen as partners in the education of their children. With an ‘open door’ policy, parents are encouraged to be involved and support the school in its endeavours.

To promote effective learning, we value the collection of informative data so that we can plan, implement and report on a learning program that is specific and targeted to meet the needs of the school population. We help children to become independent, life long learners by working to develop whole school plans that focus on:

  • explicit instruction
  • process learning – learning how to learn
  • integrated programs based on the Australian Curriculum
  • differentiation in the program to cater for individual needs
  • teaching transferable skills – real life learning
  • use of technology as a learning tool
  • working collaboratively to share and develop teacher expertise

We expect our staff to be life long learners and regularly engage in professional development to ensure that the curriculum delivery reflects the needs of the learners. Children are encouraged to be proactive in the learning process by setting goals and reflecting upon their learning. This applies to all aspects of their academic, social and emotional development. At Scarborough Primary School we care about children and educate them to become valuable contributors in society.


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