School Chaplain

School Chaplain

At Scarborough Primary School, the Chaplain is a vital part of the Student Services team. This team is made up by our School Psychologist, Deputy Principal, School Nurse and School Chaplain. The team focuses on building positive relationships with students, staff and the local community. Nikki Harvey is our school Chaplain, and has worked to make herself available to help students, staff and parents in times of need or crisis offering support through pastoral care and mentoring. This includes assisting individuals who are isolated, hurting, or experiencing difficult times including family breakdown, illness, confusion, grief or pain.

Our chaplain is an employee of YouthCARE, the state chaplaincy service provider. YouthCARE is a Christian organisation, whose three core values are Respect, Compassion and Service. It is important to note that the Chaplaincy program operates in our multi-faith and multicultural state school communities. Our Chaplaincy program includes and respects all religious and non-religious beliefs represented in our school community, and all services provided by our Chaplain are non-discriminatory and available to students and families of all beliefs.

The Role of our School Chaplain

Our Chaplain supports our school community by:

  • Providing pastoral care for staff, students and families
  • Linking parents with appropriate support services and agencies
  • Facilitating social and emotional health programs and resources
  • Supporting and mentoring students
  • Coordinating the student Wellbeing Council
  • Assisting students to restore and support friendships

Meet Our Chaplain

Hello from the School Chaplain!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and outline my role as School Chaplain at Scarborough Primary School. My name is Nikki Harvey, I am a Scarborough local and I am a former teacher and mum of three. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the wonderful Scarborough PS students and I look forward to getting to know everyone better over the coming weeks and months.

As the School Chaplain, I am part of the Student Services Team and my role is to provide pastoral care and support to the students, staff and parents/carers, to help with the well-being of the whole school community. My office provides a safe and confidential place for the students to talk about any worries or issues they may have. These may be friendship issues, anxiety relating to COVID-19, issues relating to grief and loss, family separation or anything else. By using games and fun strategies, I also try to help the students with social and emotional skills such as resilience and emotional regulation. I work with the students one-on-one, in small groups and in the classroom.

I am at the school every Wednesday and Friday. Please feel free to contact me for a chat via the main school phone number or via email on Students can request to see me by writing their name in an appointment file in the front office, completing the Scarborough Primary School Chaplain referral form Parent or be referred via their classroom teacher.