School Chaplain

School Chaplain

At Scarborough Primary School, the Chaplain is a vital part of the Student Services team. This team is made up by our School Psychologist, Deputy Principal, School Nurse and School Chaplain. The team focuses on building positive relationships with students, staff and the local community. Since 2015, Will Veldman has filled the role of our school Chaplain, and has worked to make himself available to help students, staff and parents in times of need or crisis offering support through pastoral care and mentoring. This includes assisting individuals who are isolated, hurting, or experiencing difficult times including family breakdown, illness, confusion, grief or pain.

Our chaplain is an employee of YouthCARE, the state chaplaincy service provider. YouthCARE is a Christian organisation, whose three core values are Respect, Compassion and Service. It is important to note that the Chaplaincy program operates in our multi-faith and multicultural state school communities. Our Chaplaincy program includes and respects all religious and non-religious beliefs represented in our school community, and all services provided by our Chaplain are non-discriminatory and available to students and families of all beliefs.

The Role of our School Chaplain

Our Chaplain supports our school community by:

  • Providing pastoral care for staff, students and families
  • Linking parents with appropriate support services and agencies
  • Facilitating social and emotional health programs and resources
  • Supporting and mentoring students
  • Coordinating the student Wellbeing Council
  • Assisting students to restore and support friendships

Meet Our Chaplain

Hi I’m Will, and I’m the chaplain at Scarborough Primary School. I’ve been lucky enough to be the chaplain here at SPS since 2015.

You may have seen me around as I’m a Scarborough local, and am the proud father of two young boys. My background is in working with at-risk young people. Since studying counselling, I’ve spent a large chunk of my working-life running camps and adventure programs for at-risk teenagers.

School chaplains offer support and care across the whole school community – students, staff and parents. When I meet with people who want to chat, it’s my goal to provide a safe space for people to share what they are going through – to listen and support well.

You may see me in and around classrooms, on the playground or at school excursions. A big part of my role is in and around individual student support, and I work closely with teachers by offering practical help and checking in on support needs.

If you have a need or request for individual support for your child or yourself, please find me on a Monday or Thursday or email me at Alternatively, you can speak to Robyn or Susanne at the front desk and they will connect me with you. For more information on how referral works, please click this link: Chaplaincy Referal Flow Chart