School Board

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Dawson, Principal, on 9222 9200 or if you would like more information on what a role on the School Board entails.

The Board’s role is required to help the Schools deliver a quality education experience to our children by:

  • establishing and reviewing the goals, priorities and policies of the Schools;
  • supporting the development of our School Business Plan;
  • planning for and approving School budgets;
  • evaluating the performance of our Schools in achieving the goals set; and
  • promoting our Schools within community.

The Schools Board is governed by the School Education Act 1999 and by its Terms of Reference.  Board members are also required to observe the Board’s Code of Conduct.



School Board Chair Mr Bailey Love

School Board Deputy Chair Ms Claire Prenter

Principal Ms Sarah Dawson

Staff Representatives Mrs Claire Gray, Ms Terez Mukics, Mrs B Martin

Parent Representatives  Mr P Monoghan, Mr C Booth, Ms A White, Ms C Prenter  and Mr P Przeradzki, Ms Carrie McIntosh

Community Representative Mr S Caddy


Upcoming Meeting dates for 2021 are: 28 April, 2 June, 28 July, 1 September and 10 November

The Board holds meetings throughout the year which are all open to the public.

The Board warmly welcomes community feedback and comments.


Minutes from earlier than those below are available for viewing. Please contact the school on 9222 9200


School Board Minutes 14 August 2019

School Board Minutes 27 June 2019

School Board Minutes 22 May 2019

School Board Minutes 20 March 2019


School Board Minutes 06 December 2018

School Board Minutes 24 October 2018

School Board Minutes 05 September 2018

School Board Minutes 1 August 2018

School Board Minutes 20 June 2018

School Board Minutes 21 February 2018

School Board Minutes 21 March 2018

School Board Minutes 16. May 2018


Board Planner 2018-2020

Terms of Reference

Board Members Code of Conduct

School Board Tenure

Nomination Form