Class Representatives

Class Representative Program

Scarborough Primary School encourages the active involvement of parents and carers in the functioning of the school through a Class Representative Program.

The Class Representative role is flexible, and may include some or all of the following:

Teacher perspective

The level of support your class teacher requests is variable, but can include the organisation of volunteers for class activities or excursions, or the distribution of class information to parents. As a Class Representative, you will not be required to be the first line of communication of important school information to class families. Please guide any parents to the class teacher or administration if they have queries.

P&C perspective

The P&C will occasionally ask for the Class Representative to assist in arranging volunteers for the canteen, organising stalls at various events (such as bake sales, sausage sizzles or market stands).

Family perspective

The Class Representative may choose to coordinate social events for parents of children in your class. This can take the form of family picnics, movie nights or parent dinners etc. A (non-mandatory) class contact list should be produced and maintained, and distributed to contacts on the list.  Some Class Representatives also administer social media groups for their class.

The Class Representative has an important role in welcoming new families to the school. Changing schools can be daunting for parents as well as students, and a friendly welcome can make that experience a positive one.

To show appreciation to the teachers of our children, the Class Representative may organise the collection of funds for gifts for birthdays, farewells or end of year celebrations.

As a class rep, you may be a focal point for other parents to keep track of information coming from the school. Ways you can keep informed about school happenings include:

  • The Link – The school fortnightly newsletter
  • The school website
  • Skoolbag app
  • P&C Meetings
  • Teacher emails
  • Assemblies
  • School Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • P&C Facebook


How to become a Class Representative

Class Representatives are volunteers, who are appointed by the teacher in the first few weeks of first term. The duration of the role is for a single year. While the P&C may request your assistance with some activities, attendance at P&C meetings is not required. The Class Representative role is relatively easy and takes only a small time commitment. It presents a good opportunity to get to know other families in your child’s class, to make new friends, and to provide support to the school.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in this role.