School Canteen

The Scarborough Snack Shack is open on Fridays.

Please phone Jackie on 0422 977 208 if you are able to lend a hand on a Friday. No experience is needed and volunteers receive a free “Meal Deal” for their child!

If you can’t help out for the entire shift, but could do an hour or two, still let us know as all help is appreciated. Running the canteen with volunteers helps keep our costs down so we can put more money back into purchasing resources for the school and our children.

Our menu is compliant with the Department of Education & Scarborough Primary School’s Healthy Food and Drink Policies, while also working towards becoming accredited as a StarCap 2 Canteen.

Wholemeal bread and wraps as well as reduced fat dairy products are used and the menu has a green or amber colour next to the food items indicating healthy choices. Green are the healthiest choices and are excellent sources of important nutrients needed for health and wellbeing, low in saturated fat, added sugar and salt, and are lower in energy density.  Amber foods have some nutritional value, contain moderate levels of saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt, in large serve sizes contribute to excess energy intake, and should be considered as a “sometimes food”.

Our menu has been rated by the WA Canteen Association as 85% green, well above the minimum requirement of 60%.

Online Ordering – QuickCliq

Go to QuickCliq to register your account and children.  Once your account is active, log in and place your orders.

Orders can be placed in advance or on the day before 9.00am.  You can easily see what days the canteen is open, so never be caught without lunch again.

You may still order at the canteen window on Fridays if you prefer.

Write full name, room number and order on paper bag and include payment  with the correct money and hand into canteen between 8.20am and 8.45am on Friday.


2019 Canteen Menu