Scarborough Primary School has a building relationship with ArtSpace Collective, a local art studio which has significant links to many of our families. Click the ArtSpace image to visit their website.

The Artspace Collective in Scarborough aims to inspire the local community through art.   We are a small community space that is committed to providing children the opportunity to try art and we are staffed by volunteers to make this happen.  We rely on our local community to help us spread the word about what we offer so thanks for your continued support.

With school holidays in just under a month, our workshops are a perfect way for kids to try have fun play and thrive.  It also allows parents to juggle holidays.  We have some very popular short and long day workshops on offer.  Strength Heroes workshops give kids skills to deal with mistakes and keep going when things get difficult.  Skills that are vital for emotional well being and resilience.  In addition we have some other fabulous workshops that all keep children engaged in play balancing out screen time.  Once again we would really appreciate if you could please share our flyer with your community.